We love small business marketing in all it's forms! This might sound nerdy, but to us, it's exciting to see the effect that good marketing has on a small business.

Business Builders Ireland was brought into being, to help small business owners learn about, and implement simple, affordable and effective marketing. We also want to help to debunk the myths that marketing is just advertising, or that marketing is an expensive luxury, by proving that it's not!

Everything that we can offer your business ​is done with the objective of generating more leads, increasing your sales, customer retention, referrals and of course - your profits.

Our vision for Business Builders Ireland, while it might at first sound quite grand, is really very simple. We'll provide exceptional service and value, while helping you form a marketing and business strategy, and implement a sound marketing system in your business.

Like everything else we do, our approach is also very simple.

  • ​We speak plain English - not corporate gobble
  • We're easy to get on with and our intentions are that every conversation shall add value to you.
  • Our approach to consulting and business in general is highly ethical and honesty is everything.
  • We believe that you can have anything you want in life, if you can help enough others get what they want.
  • We love dealing with people, and we love to help our clients enjoy success in their business.

Adrian McGivern is the founder of Business Builders Ireland. He has a background in engineering, with a degree in manufacturing management and an MBA. He first became interested in marketing and sales when he set up his first business in 1995.

He had no money to spend on advertising and although he knew he had a really good service, he had to compete with everyone else on price. But when hard work and determination met marketing everything changed... A lot has happened since, all good!

Adrian is happily married for 14 years to the same beautiful woman and has two daughters. He is an author with two books on small business marketing. He's a speaker, and marketing consultant​ and coach. You might find him anywhere good coffee is sold.

Fancy a coffee? We'd love to meet and hear about your business. Tell us where your business is at and where you'd like it to go. It's just a chat! Well, what are you waiting on?